Reece Plumbing

Plumbing installation, maintenance and servicing of all appliances. A complete roofing service - installation and repairs of roofing, spouting and downpipes. Water supply installation and maintenance of pipe work and backflow prevention devices. 
Sewer and storm water installation and repairs and including water storage tank installation. 
Sales and installation of electric panel heating including electrically heated mirrors.

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Drain cleaning

The Reece Plumbing and Heating is able to clear blocked drains quickly and safely. It also has the capability of chopping its way through tree roots, thus avoiding the use of unsafe mechanical drain cleaning equipment or the need to excavate pipe work to locate blockages.

Reece Plumbing and Heating Services utilize a large range of specialist equipment to carry out industrial cleaning of storm water, sewer, grease, industrial drains and potable water and gas mains and storm water lines Combined with our fleet camera’s for pipeline inspection, Reece is able to provide a complete report of the client’s drainage systems.
Drain cleaning units is a superior way of removing unwanted material (grit, silt, sludge) from drainage systems without confined space entry. Silt and grit removal, transport and disposal from sewer carriers, wet wells, digesters and fermentation tanks is carried out using our Reece Plumbing and Heating drain cleaning units.