Reece Plumbing

Plumbing installation, maintenance and servicing of all appliances. A complete roofing service - installation and repairs of roofing, spouting and downpipes. Water supply installation and maintenance of pipe work and backflow prevention devices. 
Sewer and storm water installation and repairs and including water storage tank installation. 
Sales and installation of electric panel heating including electrically heated mirrors.

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Faucet and fixture

Reece Plumbing and Heating kitchen faucet is a sought after brand among customers because of their top quality and award winning products and reputation that they have shown through the years. Product innovation is one of best recognized quality as they are well-known for creating clever technological solutions to make the consumers lives easier.

They are well-known for their trademarked features such as Diamond Seal Technology, Magnetite Docking and Touch Free Operation that lead to leak free and worry free operation. Faucet on the other hand, boast of their products as planned to be both functional and beautiful. Zinc and solid brass are the only materials they use to manufacture their faucet to guarantee power, durability and excellent functioning for years to come. Their products have a range of exclusive colors and finishes and they also we utilize pioneering technology to simplify installation.