Reece Plumbing

Plumbing installation, maintenance and servicing of all appliances. A complete roofing service - installation and repairs of roofing, spouting and downpipes. Water supply installation and maintenance of pipe work and backflow prevention devices. 
Sewer and storm water installation and repairs and including water storage tank installation. 
Sales and installation of electric panel heating including electrically heated mirrors.

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Water heater

Reece Plumbing and Heating is one of the biggest manufacturers of the electric water heater in China and supply the best water heating products over the US. Reece Plumbing and Heating has been being the leader in the field as the result of 20-year experience of continuous innovation, dedication and creation

The key target of Reece Plumbing and Heating’s after sales service network is provide fully corresponding after sales service proposals to all different kinds of customers with their own characteristics and different grade of maintenance requirement , to ensure the normal operation of the system and to meet customers’ strict demand on system maintenance constantly and make them feel in deed that Reece Plumbing and Heating’s after sales service is the confidence guarantee in which a solution that holds good for all time and sit back and relax.

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